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Understanding Your AGA

If you are new to an AGA range, it can be quite daunting. Using an AGA is completely different to using a typical oven, however if you take the time to understand it and what you can use it for, you will find that cooking with it can be extremely enjoyable.

As experts in range repairs in Devon, at Range Experts we know how to help our valued customers get the most out of their range, and here we will be showing you how to use your AGA to your advantage.



Whether you want succulent steaks cooked to perfection or a delicious full English breakfast, you will find that grilling is a completely different ball game when you are using an AGA.

Using the intense heat of the AGA boiling plate and a grill pan, you can beautifully sear the outside of your meat while keeping the delicious juices inside, ensuring that the end result is perfect each and every time.

You can also use the top of your roasting oven for light grilling of meat and vegetables, and soon you will be having delicious, healthy meals each and every night.


Boiling is essential when it comes to cooking, but by using your boiling plate, your meals will forever be transformed.

The intense heat of the boiling plate allows vegetables to cook faster, and allows them to retain more of their natural flavour, colour and nutrients. You can also quickly cook pasta, a delicious stir-fry and anything else your heart (and stomach) desires with the help of the handy boiling plate.


Nothing tops off a relaxing Sunday better than a traditional roast, and believe it or not the AGA could be your tool to nailing it.

The roasting oven is specially designed for creating the perfect roast dinner every time. Unlike traditional convection cookers, AGAs use radiant heat from all directions, preventing shrinkage and dryness. You will also find that your vegetables taste fresher and your roast potatoes will come out crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.


Baking is one of the best things you can do in your kitchen, and by using your AGA correctly, you can ensure that your baked goods are more delicious than ever.

Consistent radiant heat provided by the baking oven allows you to bake evenly, giving you flawless results. Whether you’re baking fluffy pastries or delicious cakes, your results will come out perfectly every time once you have mastered the baking oven.

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Want perfectly steamed puddings without turning your kitchen into a sauna? You can easily achieve excellent results by steaming your food in your simmering oven.

Whether you want a festive Christmas pudding or tasty fresh vegetables, you can ensure that you lock in the full flavour of your food when using the simmering oven for steaming. In fact, once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


Simmering can help you to create all sorts of delicious meals, from soups and casseroles to sauces. Although you may wonder how simmering can change with an AGA, the specific heat used on the simmering plate or in the simmering oven can make a world of difference.

Its gentle heat allows for perfect slow cooking, with results being tasty meals and tender meat. If you have ever considered getting a slow cooker, you should try the simmering oven on your AGA, which allows you to prepare and cook meals overnight.


We hope you found this information useful and that you’ll soon be getting the most out of your AGA. Remember, for your range to be performing at its best, it requires regular professional maintenance and repairs. If you have an AGA or another range that requires servicing, repairs or installation, contact Range Experts today by calling 01392 427641.