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The eControl System

The all new eControl System is future proofing the best cooking experience you know and love.

eControl Cooker

eControl is a fully electric system that replaces your traditional fuel source.

No fumes or harmful gases and no requirement for a chimney or flue. Better for your home and better for the environment.


Unparalleled heat up times with hobs up to temperature in as little as 8 minutes and oven temperatures achieved in as little as 30 minutes.


The eControl System costs a fraction of the cost to run vs traditional models. eControl focuses the heat on the areas required and prevents heat loss.

No service costs

Aga Cookers of past will be all too aware for the tedious maintenance and servicing schedule required to keep them running. Wave goodbye to this with the eControl System.

Environmentally friendly

Central to the design of the eControl System has been to revolutionise the environmental impact made by the range cooker. 

5-year Warranty

Large Cooking Hobs

Full size fine machined 350mm steel hobs give significant more cooking space than the smaller 290mm hobs found on traditional models.

eControl Cooker

  • econtrol

    User interface

  • control hobs

    Econtrol hobs

  • econtrol made in UK

    econtrol made in the UK

  • econtrol aga

    econtrol aga

How they compare

Traditional Aga Cookers

  • High running costs
  • Excessive ambient heat
  • Little flexibility or control available
  • Slow heat up times
  • Regular servicing
  • High carbon footprint

eControl Aga

  • Low running costs
  • Controllable ambient heat
  • Flexibility and controllablility over different cooker elements
  • Fast heat up times
  • No servicing
  • Lower carbon footprint


  • eControl Series 1 (2020-2022)
    • British-Made and Manufactured in England.
    • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use controls.
    • Option to leave on full power for ambient heat.
    • Eco-Mode for reduced ambient heat and running costs.
    • Hugely reduced running costs over traditional models.
    • Keep your Aga Range Cooker on, even in the Summer.
    • Faster Heat up times than other conversion options.
    • Larger 350mm steel hobs vs standard 290mm cast iron.
    • No Servicing costs.
    • Option to leave your hobs on full with lids down.
    • No Flue Required (can be located anywhere).
    • No reduced oven temperatures when using the hot plates.
    • Choose Roasting, Simmer or Baking Oven, even on 2 oven models.
    • UK Conformity Assessed.
    • The manufacturer’s warranty is insurance backed for complete peace of mind. They guarantee continuity of spares by using the world’s leading components manufacturer.
  • eControl Series 1 (2020-2022)
    • Fairly new to the market.
    • More electrical components, mean more possible repairs.
    • Slightly reduced ambient heat to the room (vs traditional).
    • Currently only Deluxe Post-1974 models eligible.
    • Currently no 3 Oven conversion option available.
    • Reliant on Electricity (power outages will render it defunct).
    • Unable to work alongside an existing internal AGA Hot Water Boiler.
    • Steel hot plates rather than traditional cast iron.
    • Roasting Oven top running becomes unusable (baffle plate positioning)
    • Higher initial outlay than other fuel types.
    • Pre-Set temperature settings (series 1 model). Limited controllability.

The eControl Panel

control panel

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