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The Future of Kitchen Design- According to IKEA

Home furnishing giant IKEA has come up with a concept that imagines what kitchens will possibly look like in 2025- just 10 years time.

The Project

This project was a collaboration between IKEA, Students from the Lund and Eindhoven Universities and design agency Ideo.

The students were asked to come up with ideas and concepts on how a kitchen may look in 2025 based on the reality that more people are moving into smaller, inner city spaces. With people wanting to become more eco-friendly, this had to be taken into consideration too.

Four students were selected to intern with Ideo and produce the concept which was released during Milan’s Design Week.

Kitchen of the Future

The basis of the kitchen design was to cut down on food wastage while keeping the kitchen compact and functional.

Lack of Fridge

One obvious omission from the design is a refrigerator; something that we couldn’t imagine living without today. So why have they neglected to include such a vital component of a kitchen set up?

White Kitchen

The simple answer is that the project predicts that using a refrigerator for keeping food fresh is soon to be a thing of the not so distant past due to how inefficient they are when it comes to saving energy.

They propose that, instead of the standard fridge, we will revert to using storage systems which are natural insulators, such as cooling ceramic, to keep our fresh produce from rotting.

They are also getting on the drone bandwagon; suggesting that rather than huge weekly shops, people will be able to get fresh products on demand through the use of delivery drones like Amazon’s Prime Air robot

Water Saving Sink

One aspect of our life that creates a lot of water wastage is using the sink. This project’s futuristic sink has a system that separates water into two types- “black water” and “grey water”.

Kitchen Sink on Granite Counter

The “black water” is considered to be contaminated and will go down into one section of the sink, whereas the “grey water” can be used again for washing dishes or watering plants.

Smart Surface

This is a form of technology that has just started to be introduced, but in a more advanced form.

The idea is that the surface will be able to scan food placed on it, and bring up recipes for that item. You could, for example, put the food that is going off soon onto the table, and you would be given a recipe that will help you use the food, rather than waste it by throwing it out.

Or maybe you would like to cook your food using different heat settings. This table would be able to do that too!

Clear Food Storage Systems

This might seem like such a simple, obvious design feature to include, as we have access to see-through food containers today.


This future kitchen includes clear storage options for food that display the state of the food; the temperature for example, which acts like a visual prompt to see if the food is good to eat before it goes bad

Visual Storage

The design incorporates a very unique market stall style of shelving. This very visual style of storage intends to keep the food on show and allow for the condition of the food to be easily noticed.

cheerful healthy young woman shopping in farmers market buying fresh organics fruits and vegetables

The shelves also include hidden sensors which can alert you to the temperature of the food, as well as including smart induction cooling technology to keep perishables at an optimum temperature.

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