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Energiser Rayburn Conversion

Convert your Rayburn to a more sustainable fuel source today and keep enjoying the cooking experience you love.

Rayburn cooker

Energiser Rayburn Conversion replaces your traditional fuel source with an electric system.

No fumes or harmful gases and no requirement for a chimney or flue. Better for your home and better for the environment.


With Rayburn parts becoming all too expensive and unable to be repaired due to parts becoming obsolete, the Energiser conversion helps eliminate these worries. 


Energiser costs a fraction of the cost to run vs traditional model and focuses the heat on the areas required and prevents heat loss.

No service costs

Rayburn Cookers of past will be all too aware for the tedious maintenance and servicing schedule required to keep them running. Wave goodbye to this with the Energiser Rayburn conversion.

Environmentally friendly

The Energise Rayburn Conversion helps to reduce the impact to the environmental made by the range cooker. 

Rayburn Energiser Conversion

  • econtrol

    User interface

  • Rayburn series 400 energiser conversion

    Rayburn series 400 Energiser conversion

  • New oven heating element

    New oven heating element

  • Energiser conversion in situ

    Energiser conversion in situ

  • Solid fuel Rayburn Energiser conversion

    Solid fuel Rayburn Energiser conversion

How they compare

Traditional Aga Cookers

  • High running costs
  • Excessive ambient heat
  • Little flexibility or control available
  • Slow heat up times
  • Regular servicing
  • High carbon footprint
Rayburn blue

Energiser Rayburn Conversion

  • Low running costs
  • Controllable ambient heat
  • Flexibility and controllablility over different cooker elements
  • Fast heat up times
  • No servicing
  • Lower carbon footprint

Running costs

Temperature# of units usedcost (based on 16p per unit)







We have not specified running cost for the hob as there are no meaningful numbers due to the sporadic use of the hob once it is converted to electric in addition to each Rayburn having a differing amount / quality of insulation in the lids.

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