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Why Use an Aga Cooker?

The Aga cooker was invented by the Nobel Prize winning physicist Gustaf Dalén. Hailing from Sweden, Dalén’s invention swiftly became a favourite with the British public, and many homes still favour their use to this day. The name ‘Aga’ is an abbreviated term for the company name ‘Aktiebolaget Gas Accumulator’, and there are a number of reasons why these cookers remain so well loved:


The cast iron form of an Aga cooker makes use of a radiant heat principle to lock every ounce of flavour and goodness into your cooking, meaning that food prepared within an Aga typically tastes far better than an equivalent dish from a more ‘modern’ system.


Aga cookers are renowned for producing ‘special’ meals with premium quality cooking, but despite this they still perform just as efficiently when dealing with quick meals. Aga cookers need be no slower than any other type of cooking system, so no busy weeknight meal needs to be unduly held up.

More Relaxed

Aga cookers do not need to be set to precise temperatures or ‘to the minute’ cooking times to be effective, and so using one is actually far less convoluted that a conventional oven.

All in One

Aga Cookers might seem large, but their capabilities can actually save space by negating the necessity for other items such as toasters and even tumble driers. Aga cookers have always possessed a reputation for being energy inefficient, but their ability to perform the functions of multiple appliances, combined with more energy efficient modern advances, means that they can actually be highly convenient.

Environmentally Friendly and Long Lasting

Most households replace their oven several times within the lifetimes of their occupants. However Aga cookers are famous for their longevity, regularly lasting in excess of 50 years, and are predominantly made from easily recyclable materials. Here at Range Experts we also specialise in providing a comprehensive service for quality Aga repairs in Exeter and the surrounding area, so your Aga cooker’s lifespan can be so long as to almost become a family heirloom.

Aga cookers have been treasured by many families since they first saw widespread use in the 1920s. However many modern households neglect to consider the many advantages that an Aga cooker might bring to their cuisine due to perceived disadvantages over such relatively ‘dated’ utilities. The somewhat vintage nature of an Aga cooker does not mean that they are unreliable or difficult to maintain; especially when combined with our ability to repair and service your Aga cooker. Our expertise also extends to a variety of different cooker brands and types, so you can always be sure of a professional level of service. Because of this, Aga cookers remain as viable today as they have ever been. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.