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British Housing Boom sees Rise in AGA Sales

According to reports by the Yorkshire Post and The Telegraph there are increased house sales in Britain which is correlating with a sharp rise in AGA sales. In April this year the government introduced the “Help to Buy” scheme which allows first time buyers to gain equity loans to help them pay for houses. Overall housing sales in Britain have reached 1 million this year as more people have found it easier to obtain mortgages.

Alongside the increase in house sales, there have been reported increases in furniture and electrical appliance sales as people seek to furbish their new homes. The Help to Buy scheme only applies to newly built houses so these will be unfurnished. People may be looking to fit their own kitchens when they move in, as some houses may come without a built in kitchen. From June until the year-to-date AGA ranges have seen an astonishing 15% rise in sales which is very healthy for the AGA Rangemaster company.

Another reason that AGAs are becoming more popular is because as new models develop, they become much more energy efficient and therefore appeal to those who really care about green issues and saving energy. Having an AGA installed in your kitchen means you won’t need radiators in that room as the AGA gives off 1.5kW of heat energy per hour when it is on. You can also hire engineers to build a heat recovery system which can keep your house warm by transferring energy through pipes.

The brand new iTotal Control AGA, released in June 2013 is the latest high tech model. Although AGA are seen as a very traditional and possibly outdated design of cookers, this model is right up to date with impressive features such as remote control of your oven. The iTotal Control means you can use an AGA app on your smart phone to control the cooker remotely; so you can have dinner cooking whilst you’re on your way home. The iTotal Control model suits a modern lifestyle, whilst also saving energy.

AGAs are environmentally responsible appliances as they are made from reclaimed cast iron. Once their lifespan is over they can also be 90% recycled. Because AGA cookers are made from the most durable of materials they are designed to last a lifetime, however you can guarantee a longer lifespan from your range cooker if you have it serviced regularly and fixed by experts. Range Experts carry out AGA repairs in Exeter and the surrounding area.

Not only can AGAs save you money on radiators and heating bills, they can replace some of your other kitchen appliances. If you’re redoing your kitchen you can afford to get rid of your tumble drier, because the AGA dries clothes efficiently with the help of a clothes horse or overhead airer. You can also do away with your toaster and electric kettle as the hotplates toast bread beautifully and the AGA will have a traditional kettle boiling in no time.

So with such a range of benefits and added energy efficiency it’s no wonder people are choosing AGAs for their new homes or refurbished kitchens. The investment really pays off if you’re reducing heating costs and money from appliances. Don’t hesitate to contact Range Experts if you have any queries or problems regarding your AGA.