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What Are The Major Signs That Your Boiler Needs Servicing?

At Range Experts, we are experts that have established our brand as a leading provider of boiler repairs in Exeter, and those who have encountered our services will be aware that we are a highly knowledgeable and experienced company.

Gas Vaillant central heating boilerThrough our experience within this sector, we have encountered many boiler problems, and it is common that clients only ask for our help once the equipment has stopped working; despite having noticed some peculiar occurrences and changes in the lead-up to the boiler break-down. The boiler is an indispensible part of the household, especially in the UK, where temperatures can go below freezing point. Therefore, it is important to ensure that regular efficiency checking procedures are adhered to.

In some instances, failure to report unusual boiler characteristics can be disastrous, with the worst-case scenario being a boiler explosion, and these are known to cause major damage to both residents and their homes. Since we have rich experience in boiler characteristics, we have decided to use this article to share our knowledge by discussing the main tell-tale signs that your boiler requires professional attention.

Boiler Age: It is fundamental to know the details concerning your boiler’s installation, as you need to note down its age. Experts recommend that the average boiler should be serviced at least once every 12 months, as, like every other piece of equipment around the house, they are subject to wear and tear. Schedule regular servicing to ensure the boiler is functioning efficiently, as this will save you costs in the long run.

Pump & Fan Noises: In some cases leading to boiler break-down, people report hearing clunking noises in the boiler system. This is a common problem that requires immediate attention. Iron deposits in the pipes and radiators can restrict water flow, resulting in uneven water distribution and an inefficient heating system. Professionals can simply flush this sludge out of the pipes to restore the boiler back to its top condition.

Metallic Odour: If you smell an unusual metallic smell, it is important to seek for professional assistance, as this is one of the giveaways that there is a gas or an oil leak in your boiler. Leaks are also associated with the poisonous gas carbon monoxide, which is difficult to detect as it is odorless and can seriously harm any household residents. We carry carbon monoxide alarms on our vans to ensure our customers safety.

It is highly advisable that you constantly pay attention to your boiler to avoid any household pitfalls. As mentioned earlier, make sure you consult specialists like us at Range Experts to make sure your boiler is fully functioning at all times. We have fully qualified employees who have the expertise to tackle any boiler related problems that you have. If you need more information regarding our fantastic services, please do not hesitate to contact us.