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A Complete Guide to Boiler Installations

The boiler and central heating are a large part of the typical British household; mainly because of the maritime climate that the nation is accustomed to. It is for such reasons that people react sensitively to related subjects, like the energy price increase proposals, and also why there are many regulations surrounding aspects of the equipment; such as the installation procedure and efficiency ratings of the appliance.

Regulations that apply to boiler installations were not mainly implemented because of how much people rely on their heating equipment, but also because they involve the use and production of dangerous gases. Improper installation of boilers could result in major pitfalls, including the risk of large explosions damaging your property and causing casualties. As a result, the government has put together many guidelines that you should consider before starting boiler installation, including:

Planning Permission

Since the start of April 2005, regulations state that you will need building regulation approval to install a new boiler into your property. If the boiler is to be installed on the inside of the house but has external flues, you are required to ask for planning permission from the local building authority or council.

Boiler Ratings

Experts recommend particular types of boilers as they offer higher levels of efficiency. According to the Energy Saving Trust, condensing boilers are 12% more efficient than non condensing boiler. The building regulations also indicated that they require every domestic boiler to have a minimum 88% seasonal efficiency boiler rating.

Boiler Controls

The new boiler regulations indicate that each boiler should have controls that promote energy efficiency for every household. According to the regulations, each boiler should be upgraded to a programmable thermostat. This not only helps the British population to reduce their carbon footprint, but also encourages cost effective heating throughout the country.

The boiler installation process itself is extremely difficult. Avoid using inexperienced help, as cutting corners could prove to be disastrous. In order to ensure all the necessary regulations are followed, seek the guidance of specialist companies like us at Range Experts. We offer professional boiler installations in Exeter and the surrounding area.