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How to Decide What Range Cooker to Buy

Range cookers are a good purchase for any home, but there are so many varieties that it may be hard to choose one for your kitchen.

They come in different sizes, use different fuel and may have different features. We’ve created this handy guide to help you choose the best range cooker for your home. We hope it helps!



Range cookers are certainly bigger than freestanding cookers, but that doesn’t mean that they have to take up a lot of space in your kitchen. They come in a few sizes so you can make sure that you buy the cooker that fits into your kitchen best, no matter how much space you have to spare. Common range sizes are:

Large – This size of range usually has two ovens, a grill and a heated compartment for pots and pans. The hobs on this size of range tend to have around six to eight burners.

Small – This size of range will usually have two ovens and a grill, but tend not to have a heated compartment and only five or six burners on the hob.

Mini – This is the smallest range cooker size, and these kinds of ranges are usually the same size as a freestanding cooking. They are certainly still a better choice than their freestanding counterparts as they have similar features to larger range cookers.


The fuel that your range will use is an important factor in the range cooker that you choose to buy. Different fuels work in different ways, do not have the same price, and may not be available in certain areas. Here are some common range cooker fuel types:

Dual fuel range cookers – this type of range cooker has a gas hob and an electric oven. This is the most popular type of range cooker as the gas hob is quick to heat up and the electric oven heats evenly.

Electric range cookers – this type of cooker has an electric hob and oven. Although an electric oven is the preferred choice, this type of range cooker tends only to be used when a gas supply isn’t possible.

Electric induction range cookers – this range cooker has an electric oven with an electric induction hob. Induction hobs heat up more quickly an efficiently than standard electric hobs but only work with iron-based pans.

All-gas range cookers – this type of cooker has a gas cooker and a gas hob. A gas hob is a good choice, but most people tend to prefer electric fan ovens. Gas ovens have the advantage of being the cheapest oven to use.


Range ovens often have additional features that can make them easier and better to use. These features aren’t essential to the use of range cookers, but they are nice to have. Here are some of the more common range cooker features:

Rotisserie – a rotisserie inside a range cooker will turn large pieces of food slowly as they cook under the grill. This allows you to cook in a brilliant way that other ovens don’t.

Fish Burner – fish burners are longer than usual burners and allow you to easily cook with a fish kettle, but can also be used for easy cooking with a casserole dish or griddle.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning – this is one type of self cleaning oven. Pyrolytic ovens remove waste by heating up to about 400°C to incinerate any waste, which can then simply be swept away.

Catalytic self-cleaning – this kind of self cleaning oven has linings that absorb any spills or splashes, break them down and then burn them off during cooking.


Whichever range cooker you choose to buy, here at Range Experts we are always here to service your range if you need it. If you are in need of range repairs in Devon, then look no further than us! Our experienced and professional team can help you fix whatever problems you are having. For more information on our services, feel free to contact us on 01392 427 641 and we’ll be happy to help!