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Design Your Kitchen around Your Range Cooker

With the New Year, comes the desire to spruce up your home’s aesthetics a little.

Whether you’re aiming to give the most loved room in your home a complete style overhaul, or just enhance its original themes – one thing that will definitely stay is your beautiful range cooker.

So, for a little planning inspiration – here are a few things to consider when planning your kitchen’s new design. Enjoy!

Keep it simple

When it comes to a kitchen that is used often, create a smooth work-flow and a safe environment for cooking. Many kitchen designers refer to the ‘golden triangle’, which means that, where possible, the fridge-freezer, the sink and your range cooker form a triangle in your kitchen space. Ideally, this will create an easy and accessible layout for all storage, washing, preparation and cooking stages.

Consider the aesthetics

As with any room, there will always be a focal point of a space’s decor, and with your kitchen – this will be your range cooker. A range cooker should be the centrepiece of any kitchen, so when planning a space’s layout – place your range cooker in a central location in order to draw design attention!

Make sure there’s space

There is nothing more stressful than trying to cook in a cramped or narrow space, so when planning, allow for sufficient work surface space throughout. Good workspaces either side of your range cooker are essential, making the overall cooking process easy and stress-free.

Install good ventilation

A good cooker good will help to keep your kitchen clean and reduce the transfer of cooking odours to other areas in the house. However, if you live in an open-plan living space – good extraction is even more important!

Consider your home’s style

Think about the style of your home, and be sure to keep this in mind when choosing your range cooker and new kitchen design. Often, your kitchen’s theme will complement appliances, so when opting for kitchen furniture – keep to style and colour palettes of the rest of your home. Many range cookers are available in an array of colours, styles and designs so, whatever your home’s decor – you can find the cooker to complement!


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