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Great British Baking

The Great British Bake Off returns to television screens tonight on BBC for its fourth series. In a now-familiar format, the show will follow thirteen hopeful bakers through a range of trials set by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, with those whose skills do not come up to scratch gradually whittled away to leave one winner.

The show is very popular with home bakers, and as the recipes used in the programme are made available on the BBC Food website many viewers head to their kitchens as soon as possible to try the challenges for themselves. In many of the technical challenges, the baker has to be very careful with the heat of their oven and the length of time they leave their recipe to bake in order to get the results they want – and if your cooker is not performing at its best, this can be very difficult.

There are a number of common problems that range cookers can develop which could hinder your baking; faulty elements, burnt wires and damaged thermostats are just a few. These problems can often result in your range cooker not heating up at all, not reaching or maintaining the correct temperature, or overheating.

You can tell if your range cooker is not reaching the right temperature or overheating by a number of symptoms shown in your cakes; if the crust is too dark, the cake is too small, or the top of the cake peaks and cracks, your oven may be overheating. If the crust is shiny and sticky, the cake has fallen, or if dried fruit ingredients have all sunk to the bottom, your oven may be too cool.

If you have any of these problems with your range cooker, or if you simply need a regular service for your range cooker to make sure it’s in good shape, get in touch with us for a quote on your range cooker repairs and we will soon get you baking again.

While we fix your range cooker, we can also make sure that your heating is ready for the approaching autumn and winter weather – we offer a 10% discount on our service charge if you get your central heating boiler repairs from us at the same time as your range cooker repairs. We can service and maintain oil, gas and LPG central heating boilers, as well as most range cooker brands including Aga, Rayburn, Heritage and many more, so call our team on 01392 427641 to get a quote today.