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Do you want to save money on your rising energy bills…..

We are all aware of the current economic climate, everybody’s tightening their belts and being sensible with every pound we spend. Sometimes missing out on those non essential things, but can you really miss out on your annual central heating boiler service? You may think to yourself, it’s working fine so I’ll leave it be, however do you really want to run the risk of a potential breakdown just when you need it most. The efficiency of an appliance will drop between a service, and with energy prices continuing to rise, servicing your boiler or range cooker will save you money!

Picture of BBC energy price rises
BBC’s quote of continuing energy price rises


graph of energy price rises
Graph of energy price rises

A full service will not only save you money but also give you and your family peace of mind that your appliance is working not only efficiently but safely too! Range Experts will also look over the entire heating system installation, including oil tank, gas meter etc and give you a thorough service report on our findings.

A further way to save even more on your energy bills would be to get your heating system drained down, cleaned and flushed through, adding a new inhibitor and re-filling and bleeding the system. This can see savings of up to 15% on system efficiency!

If you would like to speak further about anything, please feel free to call or email and ask for Carl and I will be more than happy to talk through things with you. If you have more than one appliance to service Range Experts are offering a 15% discounted service rate off the second appliance. This could entail servicing your boiler and range cooker, or even your neighbours’ boiler on the same visit to offer the discounted rate.