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Expert Advice: Which Boiler Is Most Suitable For Your Home?

Despite the boiler being a very significant part of every British household, it is common that many homeowners do not know much information about the boiler beyond simply setting the thermostat. Anything ahead of this such as a breakdown, most people tend to take the back seat and let the experts come and fix the issue. This means that the majority of us would be clueless about the differences between boilers when it comes to selecting the most appropriate one for our property.

Choosing the correct heating system that has a high efficiency rate can cause drastic changes to your energy bill each year and this is why knowing your options pays off! There 3 main different types of boilers which are combination boilers, system boilers and heat only boilers. This blog will talk about these different appliances to help you choose the right boiler for your home.

Combination boilers

Also known as the combi boiler, this appliance is statistically the most popular type of boiler used in the UK and it is estimated that they are installed in 70% of British homes. The efficiency of this boiler justifies its popularity. Combi boilers provide unlimited hot water that is heated instantly when required. These compact appliances are suitable for homes with one bathroom and a small family and are usually the most cost effective to install.

System boilers

The system boilers are mainly suitable for a large household as they provide hot water and central heating through a hot water storage cylinder that is located in your home. With this type of heating, you will need room to accommodate the boiler and a separate airing cupboard for the hot water storage cylinder. The system boiler provides incredibly large amounts of hot water however when the water in the cylinder runs out you will have to wait for more water to reheat. On the brighter side, system boilers allow you to operate more than two showers easily making them suitable for larger families.

Heat only or open vent boilers

Mainly the larger homes will be able to accommodate the heat only boilers, as they require more room than the other two options. The heat only boilers typically need a hot water storage cylinder that are fed by cold-water storage tanks located in the loft. More than one tap and shower can be operated with this system, making it more suitable for the larger family.

It is important to understand the different aspects of boiler systems available before getting an expert to install one for your home. As mentioned earlier it is common that many people do not find it easy to understand the different concepts therefore this is why specialists like us at Range Experts are available to assist you with your boiler selection. We offer help with boiler installations in Exeter and many other aspects concerning boilers so contact us today to experience our top quality services.