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Aga vs. Oven; which is the best

Here at Range experts we are not just experts in boiler repairs in Exeter, we are also one of the leading providers of Aga service and repairs. Not only do we repair them, we’re also huge fans of Agas and would champion them over any other form of cooking. We are not alone in thinking they are fabulous as the Naked Chef himself hails them as the best way to cook. In Jamie’s TV show Jamie at Home he can regularly be seen loading a batch of culinary treats into his trusty Aga. Despite ours and Jamie’s best efforts though, not everyone is convinced by them. With this in mind we have written this blog as a comparison between the two to try and decide once and for all which is best. We have addressed the three main factors that occur when you come to buy or replace your oven;

Running costs

This is one of the key factors when choosing any major appliance for your home, if it is going to result in huge bills then it is simply not worth getting. If we had staged this argument before the invention of the gas Aga then there really wouldn’t have been an argument at all as the cost of wood would decimate the Agas running costs. Thankfully modern Agas and ovens are incredibly efficient and you would be splitting hairs to choose on this factor alone. One of the main benefits of the Aga is that it also heats the room in which it is situated, giving you that lovely warm Aga welcome every time you walk through the door, which is a huge selling point for loyal Aga owners. This slight increase in consumption is compensated for by a lessening of heating bills, as your boiler won’t need to work as hard to keep that area warm, most people completely turn off the radiator in the kitchen thanks to the warmth from the Aga.

Food quality

Now this is where it is pretty hard to argue against the classic Aga, the way in which it cooks food ensures that the maximum amount of flavour, nutrients and moistness is maintained. A conventional oven blasts your food with an intense and drying heat that necessitates constant watching and basting to ensure the perfect result. The Agas use of radiant heat is much more gentle and cooks your food in a totally different manor; it ensures that the maximum amount of flavour is maintained in whatever dish you may be cooking.


Again if this argument were based on a wood burning Aga then the conventional oven would win by a country mile. However, with modern gas or electric powered Agas the contest is far closer, just as easy to turn on and light the Aga gives away very little to the conventional oven. The oven is a little quicker to warm up admittedly, but the secret ingredient to great food is time. As most owners prefer to leave their Agas running all of the time, this eliminates the need to wait for it to warm up as it’s always ready to cook whenever you are. That makes it another win for the Aga!

So if you are tearing your hair out trying to decide which one to choose then really, all bias aside we cannot recommend an Aga highly enough for the quality and reliability that they provide. If you have already invested in an Aga and want to make sure that it is kept in tip-top condition then feel free to contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to arrange a service for you at your convenience.