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3 Common Boiler Problems

There is nothing worse than a broken boiler, it doesn’t matter what time of year it happens it always adds more stress to your day that you simply do not need. It is a common occurrence that happens to many people all over the world, and usually at the worst possible times. The problem that you’re facing may not be as complicated as you may think, so here are 3 common boiler issues that are faced by people all over the UK every year.

1.       The Power Supply

First of all, when your boiler appears to have broken you need to check that the power supply to your central heating is turned on. It is possible that the switch may have accidentally been turned off or that there is a problem with a fuse or that the main circuit breaker board has tripped – it will simply need resetting in this case. This is a common problem and is easily missed. Ensure that you check the manufacturer instructions before touching your boiler.

2.       Pressure Problems

Low pressure causes the boiler to stop working, and this happens more commonly in combi-gas boilers. On the face of the boiler there is usually a dial that shows 1-3 bar; when cold the system’s pressure should be set at 1 bar as this will rise up to around 1.5 bar once the system has heated up. Most modern sealed boilers include safety devices that won’t function if the pressure is lower than 1 bar. It is possible to fix this yourself, as always refer to the manufacturers instructions for a step by step guide of how to do this. However, if you aren’t confident in doing so it is best to call out a specialist heating engineer.

3.       No Pilot Light

There are many reasons that mean a boiler’s pilot light can go out. However, you can often fix this problem yourself by consulting your boiler’s instruction manual. If you cannot reignite the light yourself then you should call for an experienced gas engineer to take a look, as it may be a gas supply issue.

Gas Supply Issues

Your boiler may not be working due to issues with your gas supply. It should be noted that if you can smell gas you must ensure that you contact the 24 hour gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999. They will insruct you with what to do but for quick reference you must isolate the incoming gas supply at the gas meter, open all doors and windows to ventilate your property and do not use any naked flames or turn on or off any electrical switches or appliances as they could create a small spark and potential source of ignition!

The important thing is not to panic if you experience any boiler issues, simply get in touch with us here at Range Experts. We offer high quality boiler repairs in Exeter plus many other services that are required for the smooth running of your home. If you would like more information with regards to the services that we offer, then please get in contact by calling 01392 427641 or 07766 886606 and our helpful team will be happy to help.