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The AGA vs The Rayburn

Two of the most celebrated range cookers are produced by AGA and their sister company Rayburn. These two iconic range cookers have warmed, baked and roasted their way into the British mindset as an icon of warmth and homeliness.

The first AGA, originally manufactured in Sweden, made its way to British shores in 1929, and it didn’t take long until UK production of the iconic cooker began in 1930. The Rayburn, a similar range cooker first launched in 1946, is still produced in the UK to this day in the same facilities as AGA stoves in Warwickshire and Shropshire.

AGA in Showroom

What’s the Difference Between an AGA and a Rayburn?

These two illustrious types of range cooker are quite different from one another. The AGA, as it is based on the principles of heat storage, is always on with varying heat levels throughout its different ovens. You put the food you want to cook into the oven with the appropriate temperature. Some models of AGA can be turned off and others can heat domestic hot water, but the traditional most well-known AGA is purely for cooking, although it’ll keep the kitchen warm too!

Rayburn cookers are known for their ability to supply central heating and hot water in the home; the largest of the Rayburn ranges available can heat up to twenty radiators. Unlike the traditional AGA, Rayburn ranges allow you to control the temperature of the main oven and hotplate. Also, whilst the AGA runs off oil, gas or electricity, the Rayburn models can run off oil, gas or solid fuel, so wood burning is an option for those running a Rayburn at home. The newest model Rayburn can now also run off of electricity although this model is solely a cooker.

Both are absolutely superb range cookers, giving the user a whole host of cooking options, plus they’re an excellent feature in a home. However, both require regular maintenance from a trained specialist, which is why we offer range cooker repairs in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and West Dorset.

If you live in the South West and feel your range cooker could benefit from a tune up, then don’t hesitate to contact Range Experts or give us a call on 01392 427641.