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Introducing the New AGA City60!

For years and years the AGA oven has been seen tucked away in country kitchens, or in our favourite cooking magazines, but recently AGA have revealed a new addition to the AGA family! The AGA City60!

At just 60cm wide this new oven is designed for all those living in the city that want that country-style cooking, and the luxury of an AGA oven!

Other amazing features include two of the famous AGA ovens: the top one is switchable between the baking and roasting settings, whilst the bottom oven is for simmering.

The City60 only features one of the AGA’s unique hotplates. However, this one is switchable between the simmering and boiling setting. When on the boiling setting, the surrounding top plate can be used for simmering, and whilst in the simmering setting, the outer area can be used as a warming plate. Perfect for melting chocolate or softening butter.

To make it easier to clean, AGA made the top plate out of two cast-iron half-moon-shaped pieces that can be removed and put in the dishwasher. Both unique and useful. Thanks, AGA.

To get this wonderful little oven up to temperature, and ready for cooking, it takes only 40 minutes for the ovens, and between eight to eleven minutes for the hotplate.

As well as bringing out this stylish new design it’s available in two design styles. A traditional version, and a contemporary one. Each model is available in 14 colours, including the newest additions Rose and Lemon. The traditional model features the classic AGA badge and handrail. The Contemporary has a lower profile lid, with streamlined fascia detailing!

If you’ve purchased one of these amazing new AGA ovens, or any oven from the AGA range, be sure to keep our number close to hand. Here at Range Experts, we offer a wide range of services from AGA serving to boiler repairs in Exeter. If you’re looking to have a check up on your range cooker contact us now on 01392 427641 and we’ll be more than happy to help.