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4 Reasons Why Christmas Is Better With An Aga

With December now in full swing there no denying that Christmas is nearly here, and it’s time to start planning that all-important Christmas dinner. When it comes to cooking a Christmas dinner you can’t beat an Aga for making your festive preparations as stress-free as possible. So here we take a quick look at what makes an Aga the perfect Christmas companion.


When it comes to cooking, an Aga really can do it all. These versatile cookers are able to cook virtually anything, from stir fry’s to traditional Sunday roasts. This flexibility comes in pretty handy at Christmas too, especially when you’re juggling lots of dishes at once. So you can roast your potatoes and boil your sprouts, safe in the knowledge that your Aga can handle it all.

Plenty of Space

When it comes to making Christmas dinner, often cooking space is at a premium, however if you’re lucky enough to own an Aga then this is unlikely to be a problem. Aga’s are renowned for their large ovens and offer plenty of space, so there’s no need to worry about running out of room. In fact, their roasting ovens are large enough to fit a 28lb bird, so you can rest assured there will be plenty of turkey for your family and guests this Christmas.

Keep it Warm

If you have lots of plates and dishes to serve, you can also use your Aga to keep these warm so they don’t go cold before serving. The great thing about Agas is that they can also help warm up your home too, keeping it warm and cosy, and creating the ideal festive atmosphere for your Christmas celebrations.

Tastes Better

Not only are Agas typically easier to cook with, they can also ensure your food tastes better too. This is because they employ a unique cooking method that uses radiant heat rather than blasting food with heat directly. This means that food is cooked more gently, leaving it more moist, and locking in plenty of flavour.


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