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Kitchen Trends of 2016

A kitchen can be a space where you cook your meals, or it can be the genuine heart and hub of the home. The difference lies in the subtle touches that make your kitchen the most functional for your personal use.

A lot of this design is down to personal choice, but there are a number of great style choices that have become popular in 2016 which are ideal to take inspiration from or emulate if you are struggling for ideas as you redecorate your kitchen.

Soft Colour Palette

Pastel Colored Macarons

Stark colour contrasts are a thing of the past; no longer are dark and dramatic colours the must have for kitchen design. Instead lighter, more subtle, colours have swept into the cooking landscape and taken residence on the wall. These lighter shades mean a brighter kitchen and a more cheerful atmosphere as a whole to live in.

Crafty Storage

old-fashioned kitchen

There are so many kitchen gadgets on the market, but less and less space in which to put them. As such, there are a number of storage solutions that have become available in order to create more space for the ever expanding kitchen needs. Popular choices include more shelving, magnetic strips for things such as knives and pull out cupboards that make better use of the space available. Even better, all of these options are aesthetically pleasing and a great style addition to the space available in your kitchen.

Open Plan

Black and white kitchen design

Space is an important commodity in the modern home. It is not, however, possible to create space where space does not exist. The illusion of space is much more achievable. An open plan kitchen diner, or even living room, is a great way to seemingly expand your space without actually doing so.

Superior Lighting

Modern luxury kitchen with red LED lighting

For an even brighter kitchen that painting alone cannot achieve, not to mention the creation of the occasional mood lighting, there is the option of added lighting. A popular choice for this is under cupboard lighting; this illuminates the counter tops for better visibility whilst cooking and creates a great addition during parties. LED lights are also a very modern option for this type of lighting, with a myriad of colours available to create the lighting of your choice and make a statement in your kitchen.

No matter the style surrounding it, your Aga can be a thing of joy in your kitchen and we here at Range Experts are happy to help maintain it year round. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all of your Aga maintenance and repair needs.