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Kitchen Essentials: 8 Essential Items For Your Kitchen

If you’re moving house soon or you’re revamping your current kitchen, then you might find our guide to the 8 essential items for your kitchen rather helpful. From items that every kitchen definitely needs, to those that we just think are pretty cool – we’ve chosen the 10 that we think are needed in every modern kitchen.

White Kitchen


Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t rely on a morning coffee or cup of tea? We certainly would be lost without our kettle, so it’s only natural that we put it on our list of kitchen essentials. It’s also multi-functional so even those who don’t drink hot drinks will require the use of a kettle at some point.


In most kitchens, a cooker will be used to do most of the cooking. Whether it’s cooking after school meals for the children, or whipping up a delicious Sunday roast at the weekend – your cooker is probably your most in demand kitchen appliance.

Fridge / Freezer

Open Refrigerator With Stocked Food Products

This is one of the kitchen appliances that are pretty much the one that you must have in your house, otherwise you would have nowhere to store the items of food that need to be kept chilled. The same applies for the freezer, keeps items at a certain temperature so that they don’t spoil.


A toaster is an essential kitchen appliance because, well, who doesn’t like toast? Or crumpets? Or toasted tea cakes? Maybe pop tarts are your thing? Whatever toasted goodies you love, you would be lost without a toaster.


We all have those days where you just can’t be bothered cooking anything, and the only thing you want to do is shove something in the microwave for 2 minutes and then scoff it down. Well, you can’t do this without a microwave, therefore it earns its place on our list of kitchen items that are a must have!


We’re not talking about any old knives – we’re talking about a set of super good knives! Every good cook needs amazing utensils, and that starts with investing in some super sharp and effective knives. You want ones that are good for different things, including cutting meat and bread!


A set of saucepans, stainless steel

Just like with the knives, every kitchen will benefit from some high quality pans. The quality of your cooking is highly dependable on the how good your appliances are – so go wild and buy some brilliant pans.


Depending on what you want to make, you definitely need a blender or juicer in your kitchen. A juicer is best for making juices, whilst a blender is a must have for those making their own soup or smoothies.

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