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Chef or Inventor: Who Uses Your Cooker?


We’ve spoken a lot about finding the perfect cooker for your home, about finding the best trend to suit your kitchen this season and what goodies you can make in your wonderful oven. We may deliver quality boiler repairs in Devon and we may deliver the best AGA repairs and services, but we also know one or two things about the people using them. From your mum to your brother, your uncle to your cousin, who in your family is the chef, and who is the inventor?

Each member of your family has a certain trait when it comes to using your cooker. Throughout our years of delivering cookers to your home, we think we’ve finally managed to find the traits that define your household.

The Cleaner

Spick and span is the way to go, and these OCD, Dettol-waving enthusiasts hold the motto like a winning trophy or a battle banner. You may notice the cleanest person in your family has a set routine when it comes to cooking. A bowl of hot, soapy water in the sink, ready and waiting for pots and pans alike. A methodical routine as they skim their way down a loving recipe, knives taken out one at a time and put away in the same order, bowls at the stand by for all of their individual ingredients and an empty bin, hungry for the trimmings.

Whether they’re using the immaculate hobs, or waiting for a scrummy casserole to finish in the oven, the Cleaner always ensures their cooker is left sparkling after a meal!


Gloved hands removing soap from stove top range with microfiber

The Mess Maker

Organised chaos is what these people thrive on, as onions, meats, crockery and pans explode across the kitchen counters and balance on top of one another on the hobs. It doesn’t matter that a splash of sauce has landed on the floor and those scraps of vegetable peel have missed the bin. That’s to be worried about later!

The Mess Maker is in their element as they cook; your kitchen may have turned into a sauna and opening the oven door may transform it into a steam room, but they know exactly what they’re doing. The Mess Maker inevitably pulls out a wonderful dish from the oven – they just happen to turn the kitchen upside down at the same time!


kitchen dirty mess washing-up


The Gourmet Chef

They live to eat and their love of food comes across in the artistic presentation and bursts of flavour their dishes offer. For these kitchen dwellers, the cooker is the most important part of the whole house. Keeping it maintained and at its prime is key when producing the finest quality food for your household. The Gourmet Chef may not experiment too much, but sometimes sticking to the recipe is more fun!


Hot Stew -iStock_000003170361_Medium


The Baker

Sugar and spice and everything oozing in icing sugar is the aim of these goodie bakers! Recipes are okay but sometimes you just need to let it go, let it go, don’t follow it anymore! With food colouring, food flavouring and a mixture of egg, flour, oats and mashed up fruit decorating the work surfaces, you can be sure that whatever comes out of that oven is going to be heaven in a bun!


fresh dough with Ingredients for baking apple pie. Long Horizontal for slider


The Scavenger

Sometimes you’ll find that one person in your household seems to live off left over takeaways and frozen meal deals. They may sneak in late from work or parties, and root through your refrigerator for the loving meal you’d prepared earlier. Working the oven or the hobs has become second nature to them and the amount that they eat may surprise you!

Still, after their busy day, cleaning isn’t their main area of concern so, after they’ve wined and dined, they’re off to bed leaving the pots and pans inside and on top of your cooker until the morning.


Crispy Bacon Roll


No matter which of these people you think you are, one thing’s for certain; only a reliable, durable cooker will survive your family morning, noon and night. If you’d like an AGA service or repair to ensure you can carry on cooking or even if you need your boiler repaired, contact us today on 01392 427641.

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