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Sprucing Up Tips From The Interior Studio

Here at Range Experts we are experts in Aga repairs in Exeter and understand that an AGA or Range Cooker is a lifetime investment and that it will be a permanent feature in your kitchen. many people are put off these wonderful cookers for fear that they will not fit in with the aesthetic that they later want in their kitchen. We are here to reassure you though that you will never regret this investment and that with a little sprucing up your home design and your AGA will always go hand in hand.

The Interior Studio, Budleigh Salterton has provided the top 3 simple tips to transform your kitchen and make a real feature of what is the most important room in your home.

# 1 De-clutter

This is the most underestimated interiors tip offered. Busy kitchens often become cluttered with utensils, food, and glass wear. Unfortunately over time your kitchens can lose its visual sense of space and tidiness.

De-cluttering, re-organising and removing any unused utensils and objects will immediately provide space.  Head designer Suzanne Stuart-Banks recommends you “be radical, be brave and remove everything off the worktops, and only have out essential items or kitchen aids as what will happen is your kitchen will feel clean, spacious and organised. This for any cook is so important.”

#2 Colour

Consider changing the overall colour of your kitchen, repainting the kitchen in a new colour can transform the room.

Many kitchens can feel small and un-inspiring simply because of the colour on the walls.  Walls are the border of the room; they make up the most in surface area. Therefore, it makes the choice of colour or wallpaper especially important – and its surprising how dated some kitchens are simply because of the colour on the walls.

What Suzanne (interior design expert at The Interior Studio) would recommend depends on the style of kitchen and the amount of light that the room receives; and of course depending on the colour of your AGA!  Essentially, though, for rooms which suffer from a deprivation of light , having a lighter colour is important. For Lighter rooms on the other hand one can play with more brave, intense and dark hues. That said, for more of an intimate feel, warmer tones would accommodate this ambiance and may be more appropriate (farm houses spring to mind as examples of room which get away with darker hues).

Creating the illusion of generating more space, Suzanne would recommend the use of lighter, cooler colours. Experimenting, and playing around with several colour choices is what makes the process fun and enjoyable. The Interior Studio provides several top paint companies hand chosen by Suzanne to, provide colour ideas to suit your home.

#3  Window treatments

Window treatments include all forms of Window dressings, namely, blinds, curtains, voils, and pelmets.   Reconsider what you have at your windows; for certain styles of dressings may be inappropriate and cause loss of light or visual impact. Our hot tip is to consider simplifying your dressings, perhaps going for Venetian, or roller blinds, both simple in design but with a wow factor when utilised in the correct colour.

Have a look at your Kitchen interiors and follow our three hot tips provided and see how you can transform your Kitchen today.