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Creating the Perfect Country Style Kitchen

It’s one of the most popular kitchen styles at the moment, but the country kitchen look hasn’t really ever gone out of fashion.

Whether it’s the rustic charm or the homely feel, we’ve all been charmed by the simplistic country inspired interior, and we think that there’s no better room to dedicate to nature than the kitchen.

So, how can you create the country kitchen style with very little effort in your home?

Pale or Pastel Colour Scheme

The beauty of this style is that it’s extremely light in colour, meaning that it can be used in pretty much any sized kitchen. It will make smaller, more compact areas look might bigger and more spacious, while giving larger spaces a much needed light boost; it can be quite difficult to illuminate these bigger areas, so the lighter you can go, the better!

color pastel design  selection for interior

It’s also a lovely way to add a splash of colour to your kitchen without over facing the visual sense; pastels or light shades such as blue and purples are perfect for catching the eye and accentuating other features in the room.

Wooden Features

Nothing says country kitchen more than a range of wooden features and furniture. Even painted wood can complete the country kitchen look; it just needs to have that exquisite, natural feel to it to keep the theme flowing throughout the whole room.

Traditional kitchen

Set against the pale backdrop of the colour scheme, the wooden features will stand out, creating attractive accents around your room while continuing the natural theme.

Wooden furniture will also enhance the rustic look of the interior – something which the style achieves perfectly, especially when the wood is left natural with no varnish or staining.

Aga Cooker

As the theme incorporates all things rustic and homely, we think that an Aga cooker fits perfectly into the style with ease.

Aside from being a grand, attractive centrepiece for the room, you’ll also have a fully functional appliance to help you cook all those delicious old recipes which make a home feel more…well, homely!


Whether it’s a modern day curry or a traditional Sunday roast followed by a fresh country fruit pie, you can rely on your Aga to look fantastic and help you out with your culinary adventures, too!

If you’re looking to create a whimsical, comfortable country kitchen in your home, but need a reliable Aga repairs or maintenance service, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Range Experts. We’d be delighted to help get your Aga back up and running again, no matter what kitchen style you may have!