Converting your cooker into an electric masterpiece

Range Experts knows the long-term value and reliability that your Aga or range cookers have, but this can mean that they do not keep up with the changing demands of your modern lifestyle. This is why we offer a cooker conversion technology which converts your fossil fuelled cookers into an electric and instantly usable machine; controllable by a simple flick of the switch!

Hotplates of an Aga.

Control the hotplates independently

In 20 minutes you will be able to use your hotplates for your cooking, and after 40 minutes they'll reach their maximal temperature of 300 degrees centigrade: higher than conventional fuel fired cookers. 

Aga Thermometer

Greater control over your ovens

Using our conversion technology, you'll have greater flexibility and make your cooker more efficient and cheaper to run!

Carl invoicing a happy client

Enormous financial savings

Estimates have shown that you can save as much as 80% in total costs compared to running a fossil fuelled cooker. The efficiency gains arise out the flexibility of controlling the oven temperatures and also being able to turn your cooker off at any time. 

Why convert your cooker?

Electrifying your range cooker will bring it in-line with the demands of your lifestyle.

Lower fuel costs

The costs to run your cooker will dramatically fall compared to other fuel sources!

Safer to use and run

No risk of fire through flammable fuel use, and a zero carbon monoxide threat, and zero risk of fuel leaking.

No servicing costs

No need to have your oil engineer to come and service your cooker.

Easier to use

Working your electrically converted cooker is a easy as a flick of the switch and turn of the dial - with instant results. 


How much does it cost to convert?

All post-1974 2 oven cookers £3500 + VAT

All post-1974 4 oven cookers £4000 + VAT

All pre-1974 2 oven cookers £3500 + VAT

All pre-1974 4 oven cookers £4000 + VAT

Optional shot blasted oven castings {further information}

*Price is subject to a site survey to verify if the conversion is suitable and also to see if any other works are needed.

Do I need a flue?

No is the short answer. However, we highly recommend external ventilation as the oven will be pumping out hot air. 

However, if we are leaving the cooker 'in-situ' then we can vent the ovens into the existing flue. This saves you the bother and cost of having it removed which can be substantial. If we are relocating your cooker for you then it is best placed on an outside wall and we can vent it as shown below. It's a simple copper pipe going straight out the back - no flue through the roof required! 

What are the electrical requirements of the conversion?

The 'Electrikit' simply wires into two 13amp fused spurs. These can be a separate circuit or part of an existing circuit. 

How can I keep the oven in my range cooker clean?

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for their advice before starting work.

On enamelled surfaces:  Wipe the affected area with a damp cloth wrung out in warm water and mild detergent. Remove obstinate marks using a paste or cream cleaner, rubbed gently so as not to damage the surface. These features can make cleaning easier:

Pyrolytic self-cleaning programs – Range cookers with pyrolytic self-cleaning programs super-heat to more than 400°C and incinerate oven waste. All that’s left at the end of the program is ash which you can sweep away.

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